Pierce Center for Arts & Technology

About Us

Arivva is a place of opportunity offering youth arts and adult job training programs. Arivva is the first replication of the highly successful Manchester Bidwell Education Model in Washington State.


To transform Pierce County by connecting high school students and unemployed and underemployed adults to the opportunities and environment they need to build a better future for themselves, their families, and our community. 


We envision a community where everyone is seen as an asset, where problems become opportunities to create hope, respect, and belonging, and where every person has a pathway to success.


Environment shapes behavior. All people are assets. Creativity fuels enterprise. Arivva seeks to transform lives. Our focus is on education and workforce development. We start by providing visual arts programs for high school youth and postsecondary career training for local workers. We provide scholarships to our high school and job training students and remove barriers to access such as evidence of financial stability and prior achievement.