Adult Visual Arts

Adult classes and drop-in sessions for the novice or expert.

Clay hand-building classes are offered for adult students to develop in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience or just improve their skills. Have the experience of working with clay with your own hands. Adult participants can learn different hand-building techniques such as coil work, pinch pots, and slab work to create beautiful hand-built ceramic pieces. Learn skills of joining, forming shapes, adding textures, and glazing. Use various types of clay and ceramic hand-building tools to convert a lump of clay into beautiful shapes and items you like. 

Drop-in sessions are designed for new students to try out Arivva’s ceramics class for just one day. Clay projects made during drop-in sessions will be fired and available for pickup approximately three to four weeks after the class. All materials, tools, and supplies are provided for classes and drop-in sessions for in-studio use. Arivva staff do all the kiln firing.

Classes and drop-in sessions are for the novice or expert and are offered for a studio fee. Register ahead of time online.