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Cardiac Monitor Technician – Registration Closed

Collaborating with Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, Arivva is recruiting individuals interested in a career in the healthcare industry in Tacoma and Pierce County as a Cardiac Monitor Technician. 

Arivva is a non-profit organization that provides no-cost Job Training Programs. Students can graduate from our diploma programs and prepare for immediate employment. We work with our students and our affiliates to help Arivva graduates obtain full-time jobs paying livable wages with benefits.

Virginia Mason Franciscan Health is a leading health system in Washington state. Virginia Mason Franciscan Health offers a wealth of convenient hospitals, clinics, and care locations in western Washington. For more information, visit

24 0402 Cardiac Monitoring Training Flyer Cohort 2 1.pdf
24 0402 Cardiac Monitoring Training Flyer Cohort 2 1.pdf 1

Arivva’s Cardiac Monitor Technician Program provides students with an excellent education to enter the medical field. The Cardiac Monitor Technician program includes 45 hours of classroom time over 5 weeks, with some online learning and a site visit. Training takes place in Tacoma. VMFH will interview each student that completes training which could lead to immediate full-time employment starting at over $20/hour, with benefits, a hiring bonus, and union membership. Part-time positions are also available. Candidates must complete job training and be age 18 or older. No prior experience is necessary. 

The demand for telemetry technicians has grown. It involves watching a patient’s vital signs and reacting to any changes. many doctors and nurses working today require balancing a great deal of information but learning about it is easier than you may realize.

Cardiac Monitor Technicians work in healthcare-related facilities and are individuals that specialize in monitoring EKGs. Their jobs include observing the cardiac monitor and reporting any abnormal changes to the nurse, physician, referring physician, or assigned healthcare professional immediately via communication services provided. They must be attentive while on the job and must be able to communicate the message clearly and accurately. Job training at Arivva will prepare you with these skills. 

Reasons for you to consider taking Arivva’s Monitor Technician include:

1. You Can Help Patients

2. It Opens Up Several Career Paths

3. It Increases Your Earning Potential

4. It’s Easy to Start



Course Length: 5 weeks | 45 hours

Class Schedule: Registration Closed

Location: VMFH Franciscan Education Services Center in Tacoma (details will be provided).

Instructor: Benjamin Gonzalez, CMA

Cost: None

  • All materials are provided. Students will meet in the computer lab; there will be computers for each student. 
  • Must be 18 years of age with high school completion. A passion for healthcare and interest in a career in the field is a plus. 

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Application Process

Registration: For registration or more information go to Registration Link

Priorities: Active duty military or veteran status or military spouses; and individuals experiencing barriers to employment.

See the Monitor Tech in action: