Dave Parkhurst reflects on Make the Impossible Possible

Arivva builds on the principles of the Manchester Bidwell Corporation and MacArthur Foundation “Genius” grant recipient Bill Strickland, its founder and CEO. Here, Dave Parkhurst reflects on Make the Impossible Possible as Strickland reveals how each of us can change our part of the world.

This is authentically Bill. I downloaded the book on Audible.com and listened to him read in his own voice. So, I feel like I have met him. I was just so impressed by both his tenacity and his transparent honesty throughout. I’ve read tons of books on “successful” people and how they think. Many are very similar. While containing some of the same attributes as others (perseverance, for instance), Bill’s story has a unique flavor and take that I’ve never heard in quite that combination before. He really doesn’t fit any mold that I can think of. It helps me continue to connect with Arivva‘s mission and the opportunity to make a difference in our community. One of the most striking pieces that I would not have arrived at on my own is the merger of Art and Technology. I have understood that it’s part of our culture from the beginning, but it all connected on a more surface level for me until reading Bill. Now I think I get it. My analytical style has a particular box for Art. Bill draws lines outside of that box and helps me make connections in ways that make perfect sense, conclusions that I would likely not have reached without connecting with him. At any rate, I didn’t mean to write a book review, but I’m so enriched by his words, mission, life, and what they mean in our corner of the world and beyond if it can penetrate widely.

Dave Parkhurst is on Arivva’s Board of Directors and founder of GreenHaven Interactive. Make the Impossible Possible is available through Amazon and Audible.