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Guest teaching artist, Checa Baldarelli from HopeCAT in Sharon, PA, instructs Arivva students in real time

A first for the network of Centers for Arts & Technology, working together enhances student learning and broadens their perspectives.

Even During COVID-19, Arivva and Parkland Students Stay Connected

Students share their voices and stories of what is important to them in our June 2020 Digital Photography class.

Arivva Facilitates Community Hope in Parkland Through After-School Arts

Students and instructors share what they loved about the Ceramics and Digital Video classes in the 2019 summer pilot program.

Area 52: Just Slightly Cooler than Area 51

This is the final student production from summer 2019, filmed, edited and produced entirely on smart phones.

Arivva Summer Art Academy 2018

Highlights from our first pilot project in visual arts.

Manchester Bidwell: Half a Century of Making People Whole


The story of Manchester Bidwell and the philosophy that drives Arivva, as narrated by founder Bill Strickland.

Arivva’s 2016 Feasibility Study

The National Center for Arts & Technology only works with interested communities by their invitation. Prior to beginning Arivva’s feasibility study, local community leaders approached NCAT about replicating the Manchester Bidwell Education Model in Pierce County. 

This is NCAT’s report.

Arivva is a place of hope and opportunity.

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Youth Voice in Action at Arivva

Youth Voice in Action at Arivva

Our colleagues at ConnCAT posted a great piece in their June newsletter about the importance of youth voice through after school and summer programs. Students were recently interviewed by a DC News reporter—who also happens to be a teaching artist at ConnCAT. They...

Falling in Love with the Problem

Falling in Love with the Problem

These are tough times filled with COVID-19 disruptions. At Arivva, like our colleagues at WMCAT, we don’t have a “how-to” document for alternative solutions. But someday, when social distancing is behind us, we will be ready.  Read more about “falling in love with the...

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