Introducing Arivva

Pierce Center for Arts & Technology

Arivva seeks to transform lives. We start by providing visual arts programs for high school youth and post-secondary career training for local workers.

Coming Soon!

Clerical/Clinical Medical Assistant Job Training Program
Spring 2022
8 Months Including Externship – Tuition Free
Watch This Space for Updates!

Arivva is a place of opportunity offering youth arts and adult workforce development programs.

Arivva is the first replication of the highly successful Manchester Bidwell Education Model in Washington State.

Our Mission

To transform Pierce County by connecting high school students and adults-in-transition to the opportunities and environment they need to build a better future for themselves, their families, and our community.

Our Vision

We envision a community that sees everyone as an asset, where problems become opportunities to create hope, respect, and belonging, and where every person has a pathway to success.

Our Philosophy

Environment shapes behavior
All people are assets
Creativity fuels enterprise

What We Do

Arivva seeks to transform lives. Our focus is on education and workforce development. We start by providing visual arts programs for high school youth and postsecondary career training for local workers.

We provide scholarships to all our students and remove barriers to access such as evidence of financial stability and prior achievement.



Get here, show up, and reach for it. Arivva’s students, staff, partners, and friends alike come to Arivva with strengths, talents, and abilities. Everyone is an asset. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.



Do, accomplish, and realize. Arivva is about making and reaching goals in a culture of respect and dignity. Nobody succeeds alone. When Arivva’s students succeed, we all succeed.



Make progress, grow, and get ahead. With commitment comes learning and growth. At Arivva, together, we can make goals a reality. Then it’s time to celebrate and move on. Go for it!

Building on a brilliant model

Arivva is modeled after Pittsburgh’s highly successful Manchester Bidwell — an internationally recognized arts and education center founded by the renowned innovator and MacArthur fellow, Bill Strickland. Bill has spent the past thirty years transforming the lives of thousand of people through Manchester Bidwell. He’s shown countless others how they can build on their passions and strengths in order to dream bigger, set the bar higher, and achieve meaningful success.

Our Programs

No Cost, Full Commitment

Our high school visual arts and young adult job training programs are offered at no cost. This includes tuition and supplies. We are grateful to the support of our donors who make this possible. We embed mentorship and personal development into our programs to set our students on a path to success.

Youth Arts and Job Training

Are you interested in the arts? Do you want to develop key social and leadership skills? Arivva partners with public high schools to provide after-school visual arts programs for local students in Parkland. After-school programs, coming soon! Check back here for more information.

Demand-driven Job Training

Arivva provides a second chance for our community’s unemployed, underemployed, and transitioning adult workers. We offer career training only for occupations that have strong demand in the local market. This allows workers to achieve financial self‐sufficiency with a living wage job.

Arivva is a place of hope and opportunity.

Arivva envisions a world‐class facility at the corner of Garfield and C. Street in Parkland filled with cutting edge equipment and materials our students need to master the fields they are studying. We believe that environment shapes behavior, so we are planning an incredible place to nurture the incredible people who walk through our doors.

Keep an eye on this site for updated information.

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Three New Board Members Join Arivva

Three New Board Members Join Arivva

Paul Ban, Ph.D., Aryanna Conyer, and Deborah Howell have joined the Board of Directors at Arivva.Ban recently retired from the U.S. Army Medical Command, where he served as subject matter expert on school behavioral health, community outreach, and educational policy....

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Arivva Receives Community Benefit Award

Arivva Receives Community Benefit Award

Building pathways to achievement and self-sufficiency through arts-based youth development and industry-specific career training Arivva has received the $15,000 BECU Community Benefit Award Arivva is now a finalist for the 2020 BECU People Helping People Awards BECU...

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Events & Registration

Our online youth arts classes have been very active since early-2020. Right now we are focusing on monthly ceramics classes for high school students that fill quickly. Most students come from the Parkland/Spanaway area; some are from Tacoma, Lakewood, and Puyallup; and many are home-schooled. Coming out of the pandemic, classes are now in person with occasional online options. Delaney Hills is our expert working artist/instructor who brings a wide variety of skills and a different topic each month. Classes are scheduled monthly and run on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays after school.


Connect With Us

For More Information,

Please contact Executive Director, Dr. Dan Bissonnette, at

Pierce Center for Arts & Technology, dba Arivva

402 Garfield Street South, Tacoma, WA 98444

Corporate address: PO Box 44046, Tacoma, WA 98448-0046

Send inquiries to

Arivva’s organizational groundwork embraces anti-racism. Our mission is empowerment through mentorship and learning. There are things all of us can do to fight for racial justice. We invite you to join us in our commitment to listen and lead with courage, compassion, and humility so that life and lives can flourish in our communities. Black lives matter.

Arivva complies with applicable federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. See